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[06.26.2020] // #photography, #writing

🌲 • wet shoes, west virginia

from the high plains, exposed rock and sun, down to cool rutted trails that mingle with streams and rivers, rolling hills open up to wide valleys and late sunsets

long fires burning late into the night, skies crawling with stars, satellites, amidst fields crawling with deer watching and waiting for an opportunity to pick at our scraps

sleeping on soft peat moss like wonderful brown carpet under our feet, bare-foot and bare-tent without any worry

we plop down the trail, shoes soaked spirits high, with too little peanut butter, too much freedom

the full moon rising over monongahela national forest

more moonlight

the sun rising over monongahela national forest


pretty flower

drying off

a fire, burning

the orange super moon paints the night sky

alex cools off

a wide river where we sat and swam for some time

guacamole, thank you liza

a small creek

kevin fell in and got his shoes wet, hell yeah

liza showing us her ultralight pack setup

psychedelic ferns

storm and sunshine rolling over monongahela *

the team

off to the cranberry creek wilderness!

like a fairytale

green, green

more green

a reflective pool

mushroom, mushroom


sneaky shrooms

socks are for getting wet

more healthy feet


delicious, lemony edible clovers.

bone apple feet

a rushing stream *

gear / method:

nikon d3400 with the 1.8g 35mm (fast prime, my baby!)

*: these images are panoramas that were hand shot and combined with autostitch. they have stupid high resolution, click on them and check it out!

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