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[04.14.2020] // #photography, #writing

🌊 • alone in point·reyes

up over dry hills into ocean-soaked forest with my pack, heavy with peanut butter plastic, cheese and cameras

fattened birds line dirt paths, tunnels of perfect green, sopping wet moss and things rotting

dim blue light, rolling waves on the cusp of the evening, sand and rocks alone, ancient and worn

standing cold in the dark, the sky spins overhead and boats blink far away on the horizon

a raccoon tries stealing my dinner

my favorite; just before I met the raccoon

moss, lichens, long

can you see the hook of point reyes?

lichens, long, moss

a fat bird



long, moss, lichens


fruticose lichens on a rock

walking, walking,

rocks, on the beach

tunnel, perfect green

young coprinellus micaceus coated in their distinct reflective cells

moss, tall

perfect green: tunnel

hello, ocean

hello, mushroom

hello, hills

me, me


gear / method:

nikon d3400 DSLR & tripod with:

  • 1.8 35mm (fast prime, my baby!)
  • 3.5/5.6 16-85mm (general purpose zoom, doubles as barbell because it weighs more than the 35mm and d3400 combined), used with polarizing filter for high contrast landscapes
  • 4/5.6 70-300mm (also heavy; I only used this once. not sure why I brought it)

my stuff

most images were shot with the 35mm. wide angle shots were achieved by taking horizontally tracking shots with the 35mm on a tripod and stitching them together with autostitch.

this allowed me to take wide-angle shots like “long, moss, lichens” while still having substantial background blurring. these shots are my favorite.

my rig

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