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[04.29.2020] // #photography, #birds

🐦 • mea·dow·brook·birds

a bird up close;

where you can see the fine details of its feathers, the glimmer of its eye and the action of its beak as it sings or looks for food

no bird is boring in the right light


a robin watches me watching it gather material for a nest.

maybe i should leave him alone ...

ah. another good-looking bird ... i wonder who *this* is...

a red headed wood-pecker! a social bird whose friends i've seen flying around. it turns around to give me the stink eye. looks like it's wondering who i am too.

our friend, perched and proud, still wary of me

soaking in the sunlight and showing off its colors

where i took a quick break to snack on dried dates and oranges

silhouetted against the late afternoon sun, a european starling thinks about what to do with his evening

a northern flicker woodpecker with its signature ornamented plumage. gorgeous!

a song sparrow looks warm, braving the wind on this exposed branch

a blue-gray gnat catcher ... catching a gnat. full of energy and difficult to capture, this was a nice treat for both me and the bird.

about to gulp it down!

who could this be?

none other than a ruby crowned kinglet! smaller than a tennis ball, flittering and neurotic, one of my favorites; the only bird that day willing to get so close to me

images were taken on a nikon d3400 with a 70-300mm kit lens and identified with merlin bird id. information from allaboutbirds.org and wikipedia.