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[05.19.2020] // #birds, #photography

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birds ….



new to the scene, american redstarts make a strong entrance this season with bold colors and courting displays

this is a swamp

massive and perched high in the trees, a red-tailed hawk looks down at me and thinks "can i eat that?"

a shy blue jay gives me the cold shoulder as it desperately seeks some privacy

my favorite, the ever curious bluegray gnatcatcher lands close by to say hello

she's gotta go get stuff done

those things being: to pose for me on another branch and to look at me with a curious headcock

a chestnut sided warbler warbles in the bush, not looking to different from a bush itself

not a bird

an eastern wood pewee, regal and fat, looking for bugs to eat

a colorful mourning warbler trots along the ground looking for food

a red bellied woodpecker, caught red-handed with seeds in its teeth

a red-eyed vireo sits in the afternoon shade

curious about me being curious about it, it flies right overhead to get a closer look and say hello

a rose breasted grosbeak enjoying the sun

images were taken on a handheld nikon d3400 with an fx AF-S nikkor 4.5/5.6 70-300mm lens and identified with merlin bird id. information from allaboutbirds.org and wikipedia.