🌿 • cos·ta·ri·ca - chron·ic·piz·za


[04.05.2020] // #photography, #writing

🌿 • cos·ta·ri·ca

a place of watery blues, sandy yellows, perfect greens, — wet light, foggy patches of perfection sitting besides & below the sun, dense rainforest:

crowded tall with moss, plants & moisture, insects, freshness. birds & small things unseen, all growing clean And dead debris rotting.

plates of casado served in quiet hostels, wooden planks and cool wind good mornings,

plates of casado served close to the trees, later, fresh fish butter-fried and served late into the night with card games and harmonica melodies & math, limes and water.

boat rides over lakes, bus trips, through open mountains, up, down, and through the clouds, motion sickness & love,

salty ocean, holding me up & tossing me around, bright sunlight & sand in your eyes and against your back,

monkeys howling through the night and long into the morning, starlight reflected in the waves,

more casado


an outcropping

perfect, green

green, perfect

green, tall

green, moist

going somewhere, sometime

walking, lake in the distance

walking, beach in the foreground