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[05.03.2020] // #photography, #birds

🕊️ • B·I·R·D·S

doesn’t this bird look like it’s screaming?

that’s because it is

what is it screaming?

it’s screaming:

it’s bird time buckle the fuck up

busey woods at the crack of dawn in spring, bathed in golden light and flush with color

the first bird of the day: a female cardinal glowing golden

mmm. thicc


weird bird


a robin making its nest

favorite tree

a brown creeper, slowly creeping up a tree looking for food hidden between the bark

a female brown headed cowbird, exhibiting muted brown colors and bullying every other bird that isn't a brown headed cowbird

a carolina wren, a small bird with a big song.

more of the carolina wren, looking noble in the morning light

he is also screaming

a slim eastern bluebird decides to make my day and flies onto a nearby branch to pose

a european starling, still tired and cold from the night, peaks its head outside of its burrow and thinks about whether or not to start its day

woah! who is this clumsy fellow?

none other than the curious, caffeinated bluegray gnatcatcher. look at her bright white eye ring and white breast feathers

working on her poses

a northern flicker with its signature crescent and dot patterned feathers

a golden finch, the classic crowdpleaser

the screaming redheaded woodpecker, it's scary how wide that beak can open up

a ruby crowned kinglet just before it hops off to get its breakfast

headed home with some takeout, a curious white breasted nuthatch takes a breather to look at me looking at him

images were taken on a nikon d3400 with a 70-300mm kit lens and identified with merlin bird id. information from allaboutbirds.org and wikipedia.