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[04.18.2020] // #photography, #birds

🕊️ • bu·sey·birds

i’ve recently become obsessed with giving names to things and decided to take this afternoon to become familiar with the birds that i see so often and whose names i still don’t know.

so here we go:

all of the following birds are from busey woods, a small forest preserve in urbana, il.


a myrtle warbler, fond of wax-myrtle berries and insects

another myrtle warbler

a white breasted nuthatch, fond of moving head-first down tree trunks, storing nuts for incoming winters, and smearing insects outside the entrances to their nests

moss, not bird

a male downy woodpecker, the smallest species of woodpecker in north america

a pair of female downy woodpeckers, distinguished by their lack of red caps

a log, with moss & fungi

a male eastern bluebird, fat, brightly colored, and looking for prey. normally highly social, eastern bluebirds become highly territorial in the spring for mating season

a female eastern bluebird with highlighted wing feathers and a gray head

another female eastern bluebird

a plant

a red bellied woodpecker, sporting a barb tipped and sticky tongue, searching for food in the bark

a ruby crowned kinglet, constantly moving and nervous, capable of laying a clutch of eggs equivalent to her own body weight

a robin, searching the dirt for worms

a male red-winged blackbird, sporting its distinctive splotch and screaming its familiar song

a tree with two birds in it; in my hand? four more birds

images were taken on a nikon d3400 with a 70-300mm kit lens and identified with merlin bird id. information from allaboutbirds.org and wikipedia.