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[06.27.2020] // reading time: 2min // #photography, #writing

🏔️ • alone in co·lo·ra·do




in the flat tops wilderness with no one else,

save for the moose and bears and marmots and robins and birds

and the ice and the snow, mud and endless glacial valleys and peaks, stars shining at night in the brilliant dark sky and satellites rotating and reflecting the sun in brilliant bursts,

precarious trails, sudden lightning storms, books to read, wet shoes (always)

, views down from the eastern mountain pass into island lakes revealing even more pristine wilderness and nested valleys and lakes and mountain tops

save for crawling up sand dunes on all fours with wind whipping sand into my eyes and fritos to eat at the very top, the sun setting over the horizon and the storm passing behind me,

with golden sunlight searing golden sand and golden corn chips,

save for everything.

the adventure begins

plentiful snowmelt makes water easy to come by on the trail

trapper's lake in the distance, heading up to the very first "flat top" *

one of many slippery sketchy trails

yom, lonch

sunbleached bones placed next to a trail marker

coming over a mountain pass reveals... more mountain *

snowmelt coming off of trapper's peak

i fell into a creek.

looking up from the first valley *

my room for the first night *

summer solstice sun sets

on my way up to island lake pass, greeted by even more ice, snow, and sketchiness

a hill at the top of the pass

the view from the summit of the pass into island lakes, the most beautiful thing i've ever seen *

then i played my harmonica

everything must dry

my room for the second night *

a fire to keep the bugs off me

rainstorms fall over great sand dunes national park *

me (?)

rolling dunes

pure, sand

sun, sand

mountains, sand

AH! it's in my eyes

fritos at the top of the world

the wind, the wind, the wind, the sand, the sun *

goodbye, sunlight *

gear / method:

nikon d3400 with the 1.8g 35mm (fast prime, my baby!)

*: these images are panoramas that were hand shot and combined with autostitch. they have stupid high resolution, click on them and check it out!

complete albums available at

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