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[07.31.2020] // #photography, #writing

🏔 • alone in big·horn

alone in big horn,

good, familiar; alpine meadows and moose and rocks and strong sunlight, light pack on my back with peanut butter in my belly and mashed potatoes on my mind

flowers and sweet smelling grass, cold water swimming,

like coming home

the green grass meadows and shapes of badlands national park at sunrise, to my left

, and to my right


ridges and peaks, big horn's big horns

walking, walking

the granite peaks on the approach towards lost twin lakes *

dense grass and bright yellows

boulder fields and old growth forest

resting in an alpine meadow dense with wildflowers *

flower water

ah, more meadows

my sink

orange sherbert sunset, are you tired of these?

triangles , the lake the sun the lake the snow

the sun sets over the southern pass into lost twin lakes *

my feet

the view from my room *

morning view of my room

my shower, fresh snowmelt *

gear / method:

nikon d3400 with the 1.8g 35mm (fast prime, my baby!)

*: these images are panoramas that were hand shot and combined with autostitch. they have stupid high resolution, click on them and check it out!

complete albums available at

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